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McKinsey & Company Internship – apply now!

Join us as an intern to accelerate your development, work hands-on as a consultant and become familiar with McKinsey’s integrated approach to problem solving, teamwork and client engagements. As a full team member you will receive day-to-day coaching and gain insight into the critical challenges that clients and society are facing.

Visit: to learn more and apply by September 28 or February 1.

We welcome students who have completed one year of university studies and have at least one year left until graduation of any discipline to apply.


McKinsey & Company

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Igår och inatt, den 23-24e november, höll Sektionen Hösterminsmöte där det tillsattes flera förtroendevalda poster. Vi riktar ett stort tack till alla nominerade och motkandidater för fina anföranden,

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